“Laci’s lyrics are akin to a well-behaved pit bull – it’ll tear your heart out but eventually it will bring it back to you,” - Magyar Napló


László Váray

singer-songwriter;     instruments: guitar, bass, mandolin







My first album with Colombre Band is released with the title TÁNC AZ ÖRDÖGGEL (Dancing with the Devil), featuring mostly acoustic songs. Some of the songs’ lyrics have been featured in literary anthologies and periodical publications.



The album HÚSEVŐ (Carnivore) is released by Colombre Band.



Early in the year I perform in the programme MR2 Akusztik as a solo artist, and the same year sees the start of my tour entitled AKUSZTIK STAND UP, featuring the same setlist. In addition to the solo concerts and the release of the third Colombre Band album, 2016 marks the launch of a new project called Belvárosi Betyárok, aiming at a younger audience. This production is touring the world hand-in-hand with my solo project, and in just two years we play for Hungarian audiences in Romania, Slovakia, Norway, Canada and the USA, to name a few.



2017 marks the début of the song KICSI MADÁR (Small Bird), the first official record of my solo work.



In the spring we release an animated music video for the song AKUSZTIK STAND UP, featuring Buborék Brass Band, named later as one of the top songs of the year. In December the song SOMEONE WHO LIVES LIKE THIS is selected as one of the top 30 songs to compete in DAL 2019 to be the Hungarian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.



Year Album Band Record
2010 Tánc az ördöggel Colombre Band Gryllus Kiadó
2013 Húsevő  Colombre Band Gryllus Kiadó
2016 Ember vagyok - Audio-Szelfi Colombre Band Gryllus Kiadó
2016 Fejforgató Belvárosi Betyárok Gryllus Kiadó
2018 A Tündértó partján Belvárosi Betyárok Gryllus Kiadó


Musical collaborations

  • Kárász Eszter (SzerelmesTe 2018)
  • Ferenczi György és az 1ső pesti Rackák
  • Gryllus Dániel
  • Pintér Zsolt
  • Tátrai Tibor
  • Török Ádám


Literary-musical endeavours

  • Lackfi János
  • Varró Dániel